More about Ignorance as Politics, our inaugural theme

Recent events have made clear that what we exclude from our view of the world plays at least as strong a role in how we evaluate events and formulate courses of action as what we include.

A comparative study of cultures of knowledge provides no end of examples of how much effort goes into avoiding awkward conversations and forgetting things: the names of the dead, where the river used to flow, whose garden once occupied that scrubby bit of land, your views on climate change or reproductive rights from ten years back.

In this seminar we’ll focus on how avoidance and forgetting serve as political acts in more familiar settings.

Facilitator: Josh Berson

Format: Four 90min group video calls at two-week intervals, with one-on-one time with the facilitator to be arranged. You are welcome to participate even if you know you’ll have to miss one or more sessions.

Fee: $600 USD, to be paid prior to the start of the first group meeting.


For the first meeting, Tuesday, 19 July, 6pm UK / 10am California: Joan Didion, The Last Thing He Wanted (1996)

For Tuesday, 2 August: Yōko Tawada, The Emissary (2018)

For Tuesday, 16 August: Hiroko Oyamada, The Hole (2020)

For Tuesday, 30 August we’ll give ourselves some flexibility to decide as a group once we see where the conversation has led us. Perhaps for that week we’ll watch a film together.

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