Your host for Refugium 1: Ignorance as Politics is Josh Berson.

Josh Berson is an anthropologist, more or less. His work explores the long arc of human niche construction with a view to imagining its future. He has held appointments at two Max Planck Institutes — Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and the History of Science — and the Berggruen Institute, among other places, and has advised organizations ranging from Wellcome Trust to the Institute for the Future, along with a host of startups, incumbents, and venture partnerships in mobility, food systems, and fashion, not to say the odd direct action campaign in urban futures. He is the author of The Human Scaffold, The Meat Question, and Computable Bodies. In 2023 his first novel, Autologous, will appear with The Elephants on the Salish Sea. With Carla Nappi he directs the research studio Time Kitchen.

Mikko Järvenpää is Refugium’s chief of operations. He used to work at Google, later took the startup Infogram through an acquisition, and in 2019 founded the non-profit Sentient Media. His academic background includes an MSc from the London School of Economics in the philosophy of the social sciences.

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